Dr. Afrousheh Amini is a Naturopathic Doctor trained in Functional Medicine with a passionate 10+ year career. She is a firm believer of the interplay between the body, mind, and spirit. Her resume boasts a range of credentials that are only matched by the genuine love and warmth she has for every patient that walks through her door. She is fully fluent in English and Farsi.

Afrousheh currently offers her expertise virtually through a HIPAA approved video conferencing platform,  as well as in person at two reputable clinics in the GTA — Halton Family Health Centre and The Poppy Clinic.
Credentials, Education & Licenses

  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine — Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Functional Medicine  — Institute of Functional Medicine
  • Masters of Science, Counseling Psychology — Nova Southeastern University
  • Holistic Nutrition — Institute of Holistic Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology — McMaster University



Masters in



Health Care vs. Sick Care

As a believer and practitioner of Naturopathic and Functional Medicine, I have seen first hand over my 10+ year career that absence of disease does not equate health. When it comes to chronic illnesses, there are often many underlying factors that lead patients to their current diagnosis. True, vibrant health comes about by uncovering these underlying factors and treating the root cause of disease.

3 beliefs that guide my approach


I have an unwavering desire to help people. All people.  In my eyes, health and wellness looks different on everyone. It’s diverse and inclusive. I don’t believe that there is a singular image of what a healthy person looks like.


I have always been fascinated by the mind. I grew up in a household that valued mindful practices. But, it wasn’t until my schooling that I really understood the role of the mind in overall wellness. Mindset matters — it’s connected to everything.


I think that many people think they’re living a wellness-fulfilled life. But, they’re actually living in an average state and not being preventative against disease or illness. Our society tends to accept suboptimal feelings as normal. Normal isn’t necessarily good. Better than normal is.

I know you’re here because you want more

You’re exploring your options and are curious about different approaches or how natural and conventional medicine can possibly work together. I also know that you need help making sense of the mass information on health that’s available at the touch of a screen. I’m here for two simple reasons: to help you uncover your illness and recover your wellness — using natural, safe, and evidence based treatments, of course. So let’s find your solution together!

get to know me better

When I’m not helping people on their journeys to wellness, I’m here, there, and everywhere! Seriously, I love to travel and learn about new cultures. I’ve been to 40 countries and counting. I always say YES to learning a new language. Or shall I say “Sì?”

Wherever I am, you’ll definitely find me with a book in my purse. I’m a big book worm and enjoy getting immersed in a great read — either for pleasure or education.

Being active on a daily basis is important to me. Whether it’s nature walks or bike rides by the lake, I make movement my meditation

Above all, my family has my heart entirely. Simple evenings spent with them are my absolute favourite.